Short Course: White Card

Students participate in a 1-day session with a trainer from ATEC to gain the ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry’, White Card.

Short Course: First Aid

Students participate in 5 sessions of learning with a facilitator completing online modules. Students then complete a 1-day face-to-face course with a qualified instructor to gain their Senior First Aid Certificate.


Explore you interest in MIG welding, (with exposure to TIG, ARC) from through an individualised capacity building program.

Build your technical welding skills in metal preparation; measurement, tack, fillet, and butt joins; cutting and grinding, and work health and safety. Once your skills are at a minimum level develop an individual small project to demonstrate your capability. Develop your confidence and employability skills in a small group setting as a pathway to employment preparedness.


The resilience mentoring program is for young people who understand information but find it hard to use in hands-on learning without extra help. These young folks often struggle because of their past experiences in school and how they react to learning chances.

We know that regular school might not have given them enough personal support. But since they have big dreams about getting and keeping jobs, they need to learn how to handle work on their own.

Our program helps them learn how to motivate themselves, feel more confident, and not get too scared when learning new things. This way, they can be ready for future jobs and feel more independent.

Workshop Warriors – YO MakerSpace

Workshop Warriors has been developed to get participants that normally wouldn’t want to go to the YO MakerSpace into the space. The program covers the use of the workshop and all associated power tools. Participants work towards being deemed competent with all tools. Workshop Warriors is developed to run for a semester and cover different aspects of creation and visual creativity.

The program has been running for two years and seen great numbers of engagement into the MakerSpace. The program will wrap up with an exhibition of created products. Participants also have the opportunity the make a % of items sold through the Youth Options store. The program also has the potential to assist those

participants wishing to enrol in VET programs along the lines of Construction pathways. Youth Options can use the program to complete a Folio for the application process.

My L’s

My Ls is an online interactive learning and assessment course that participants can be enrolled through Youth Space to complete their learner’s permit. Once participants are 15 and 9 months of age, they can attend Services SA in this program and enrol. To do this participant will require 100 points of identification.

Designed to improve learner driver education, the My Ls course focuses on road rules, road safety, and driver attitudes and behaviours, giving new drivers the best possible start before they get behind the wheel. As part of Youth Options My Ls program we offer the Driver Safety Training. Once a participant has completed the DSS and 3 pre-learner sessions, they are able to have lessons with a qualified driving instructor and Driver Mentoring with a Youth Options driving mentor.

Since offering this program Youth Options has assisted over 40 participants to successfully gain their Learners Permit.

Health and Fitness

Run in conjunction with Reclink Australia, participants walk to the EFM gym on South Terrace to participate in strength, cardio and fun ways to stay active. The trainer provides them support, advice and conversation around healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise.

Students learn to communicate with each other, teamwork and how to make and achieve fitness goals.

Entrepreneur Program: Facilitator Richard Miller, founder of Poddiy

The world is full of bright ideas that never see the light of day. Ideas mean nothing if they are not backed with action. Forget about finances, resources and knowledge, all that can be bought. In my experience, some of the most important attributes an entrepreneur needs to be successful, are confidence, tenacity and grit.

However, so many opportunities for innovation and creation are missed because it all just seems too hard.

How do you know your idea is any good?
Will people buy it?
Where do you even start to make it work?

One of my legacy goals is to set up a foundation to help aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop and grow their ideas into real businesses. I think working with Youth Options on this idea would be a great place to start.

Program name: Brand New.
Program purpose: Guide motivated entrepreneurs to turn great ideas into sustainable businesses.


Youth Options cooking program is about teaching how to cook to a budget. The cooking program takes part in the Adelaide Christian Centre commercial Kitchen and is developed and Run by Youth Options staff and has been developed to educate participants in,

  • Basic Cooking Techniques
  • Recipe Exploration
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Menu Planning and Creativity
  • Budgeting

Participants will be introduced to the basic cooking techniques such as chopping, dicing, roasting, baking, and grilling.

Participants will learn how to use kitchen tools and equipment properly as well as safe knife skills. Participants will engage in hands-on cooking experiences where they follow recipes to create a variety of dishes, learn how to read and interpret recipes, measure ingredients accurately, and combine flavours. Due to Youth Options not having a large budget participants will also be required to make appropriate adjustments to fit within the budget.

Participants will be educated on the importance of nutrition and how it relates to overall health and well-being. They will investigate, meal planning, dietary considerations, and awareness of food allergies. Prior to any participant conducting cooking in the ACC a requirement will be for the Food Safety and Handling component to be completed and saved to DropBox. As food safety and handling is a crucial aspect of the cooking program. Participants in the cooking program will also be trained in maintaining a clean and organised kitchen workspace.


Barista has been developed to teach participants Café life. The program is developed to cover 8 tasks in accordance with the Community Studies A program.

Each task is as follows:

  1. Reflection on Financial Transactions
  2. Reflection on Stock Control
  3. Customer Service Role Play
  4. Safe Workplaces
  5. Food Hygiene
  6. Product Production
  7. Work Experience
  8. Milk in the Café

Program is delivered every Thursday from 1300 through 1500. The program is to give participants insight into Café life. From taking orders, financial transactions and making a variety of coffees. Direct SMS is set up at the beginning of the term and sent Wednesdays at 1650.

Participants are required to complete the Community Studies A – Student Contract. Once the contract is initially completed Learning lead will be required to submit to the participants school for approval to pursue the Community Studies SACE requirements. The exception being, Barista is a program that can be attended by students who have been identified as transitioning at the end of the term. This giving them some experience to pursue café work.

Participants will be required to have photography consent signed as the tasks listed below will require photographic/Video Recording evidence.

  • Task 1 – Reflection on Financial Transactions,
  • Task 3 – Customer Service Role Play,
  • Task 7 – Work Experience

    ** Prior to task 7 being conducted Case Managers to ensure that PLP task 3 WorkPRO certificate completed **

Automotive Program – YO Makerspace

The automotive program will be a compulsory subject for participants wishing to complete My Ls, Driver Safety training and receive Driver Mentoring with Youth Options.

The Automotive program consists of 8 sessions. These 8 sessions will be delivered over 8 consecutive weeks. The Auto program is a compulsory subject as the program has been developed to teach participants how to check the basics of automotive safety at home.

Sessions will consist of:

  • Electrical Systems and Wipers
  • Cooling System
  • Safety Features
  • Fuel Systems
  • Tyres/Wheel balancing/Alignment
  • Servicing, what can be done at home
  • Road Worthy checks.

The program has been developed with our participants in mind. The program will use the Ford Focus in the YO Makerspace and other automotive parts, used to assist with the visual aspect of the program. The program wraps up with the final 2 sessions consisting of a tour of an automotive workshop, and then a recap of all session to finish the program.

Participants will then be eligible to complete driver mentoring on completion of the Driver Safety Seminar.

Participants may be eligible to drive prior to the completion of the Automotive program at the discretion of the Youth Space Manager. If this is a possibility, then the requirement of the case manager is to reinforce to the participant that the Auto program is still compulsory even though they have commenced driving.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts program is designed to encourage participants to attend FLO and engage with the service.

Participants will engage in hands-on activities in a small group setting, the program gives participants the opportunity to engage in a small group and learn new skills, including communication skills, following written and/or spoken instructions, and sharing of equipment and supplies.

Sessions comprise several different craft activities, with the expectation that each participant will try the activity before declaring it to be too hard. Also available during sessions are ‘how to draw’ books, and colouring supplies

  • Friendship bracelets
  • Chain Maille jewelry (takes multiple sessions)
  • Diamond Dot coasters
  • Painting and drawing
  • Candle making

Glenn Tee

Glenn is the NDIS facilitator of the Garden Squad and Living Skills Kitchen for Adelaide Central. His role is a blend of working with
mentees in gardening and cooking sessions, working in partnership with stakeholders like the City of Adelaide Horticulture to develop programs and ‘real world’ work experience, and delivering service to the community. He has a passion for helping young people build the skills and resilience to achieve their goals.

Glenn comes to the role with over 30 years experience in the baking, hospitality and horticulture trades and holds a Certificate 4 in Youth Work. His motivation comes from a lifetime of working with young people coaching sports and facilitating youth group programs and energises his work with young people and colleagues.

Luisa Arancio

Luisa is a case manager at youth space flexible learning options (FLO) program at youth options. Luisa graduated University of South Australia with a bachelor or Social Science (Human Services) degree in 2023. Luisa has experience in supporting young people through NDIS providing assistance in woodwork and metal work workshop. Luisa has a passion in supporting young people achieve their goals and providing support in developing essential skills towards employment and, alternate pathways in education.

Kym Hayward

With a diverse career spanning several industries, Kym’s accumulated invaluable experience and expertise. Beginning in the building industry with a focus on roof tiling, Kym ventured into entrepreneurship early on, establishing his first business. Transitioning into culinary arts, Kym honed his skills as a chef in prestigious establishments throughout the Barossa Valley, before rediscovering his passion for hands-on work in earthmoving. Managing his own earthmoving enterprise for many years, Kym later seized the opportunity to oversee commercial kitchens at Maggie Beer’s renowned establishments.

Returning to earthmoving to prioritise family commitments, Kym specialised in large-scale construction and civil projects until a workplace injury prompted a shift in direction. Pursuing further education, Kym obtained certifications in Community Service and Youth Work, completing my Cert IV in 2023. Motivated by a desire to bridge the gap between formal education and real-world readiness for young people, Kym found fulfilment in youth work, striving to equip them with essential life skills.

Guy McRedmond

Guy’s journey to Youth Work is marked by diverse experiences and a profound dedication to serving others. From his beginnings as a Musician in the Royal Australian Navy to his time spent honing his culinary skills as a qualified chef, Guy has always embraced new challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

Guy’s early years in the Navy provided him with not only a deep appreciation for music but also invaluable lessons in discipline, teamwork, and leadership.

Transitioning from the military, Guy pursued his culinary aspirations, undertaking an adult apprenticeship in Cheffing. His time as a chef allowed him to express his creativity and develop a keen understanding of the importance of attention to detail, perseverance, and the ability to adapt to new environments.

Drawing upon his diverse background and life experiences, Guy is deeply committed to empowering and mentoring today’s youth, guiding them towards a path of self-discovery, personal growth, and academic achievement.