Barista has been developed to teach participants Café life. The program is developed to cover 8 tasks in accordance with the Community Studies A program.

Each task is as follows:

  1. Reflection on Financial Transactions
  2. Reflection on Stock Control
  3. Customer Service Role Play
  4. Safe Workplaces
  5. Food Hygiene
  6. Product Production
  7. Work Experience
  8. Milk in the Café

Program is delivered every Thursday from 1300 through 1500. The program is to give participants insight into Café life. From taking orders, financial transactions and making a variety of coffees. Direct SMS is set up at the beginning of the term and sent Wednesdays at 1650.

Participants are required to complete the Community Studies A – Student Contract. Once the contract is initially completed Learning lead will be required to submit to the participants school for approval to pursue the Community Studies SACE requirements. The exception being, Barista is a program that can be attended by students who have been identified as transitioning at the end of the term. This giving them some experience to pursue café work.

Participants will be required to have photography consent signed as the tasks listed below will require photographic/Video Recording evidence.

  • Task 1 – Reflection on Financial Transactions,
  • Task 3 – Customer Service Role Play,
  • Task 7 – Work Experience

    ** Prior to task 7 being conducted Case Managers to ensure that PLP task 3 WorkPRO certificate completed **