Automotive Program – YO Makerspace

The automotive program will be a compulsory subject for participants wishing to complete My Ls, Driver Safety training and receive Driver Mentoring with Youth Options.

The Automotive program consists of 8 sessions. These 8 sessions will be delivered over 8 consecutive weeks. The Auto program is a compulsory subject as the program has been developed to teach participants how to check the basics of automotive safety at home.

Sessions will consist of:

  • Electrical Systems and Wipers
  • Cooling System
  • Safety Features
  • Fuel Systems
  • Tyres/Wheel balancing/Alignment
  • Servicing, what can be done at home
  • Road Worthy checks.

The program has been developed with our participants in mind. The program will use the Ford Focus in the YO Makerspace and other automotive parts, used to assist with the visual aspect of the program. The program wraps up with the final 2 sessions consisting of a tour of an automotive workshop, and then a recap of all session to finish the program.

Participants will then be eligible to complete driver mentoring on completion of the Driver Safety Seminar.

Participants may be eligible to drive prior to the completion of the Automotive program at the discretion of the Youth Space Manager. If this is a possibility, then the requirement of the case manager is to reinforce to the participant that the Auto program is still compulsory even though they have commenced driving.