Drive Me (non NDIS)

Drive Me – Mentoring Program (non NDIS)

Drive me is a Driving Experience Mentoring Program to help you get the required 75 hours for your P’s. 

 The goal of this program is to overcome your challenges for getting your P’s, increase opportunities to learn about employment or traineeships, and acquire necessary skills and develop good driving behaviour.  

  • You will participate in a four-hour road safety program, before driving practice commences. 
  • We will provide you with a Trained Driving Mentor (Responsible Supervising Driver)  
  • Your Driving Mentor may be a volunteer with Youth Options 
  • We will provide the use our modified car to undertake driving practice 

 For fees and charges, please contact Youth Options on 08 8388 6600. 

Please Note: To start the Drive Me Program a minimum of 4 lessons and must be completed with a professional driving instructor and the final driving test must be successfully completed with a professional driving instructor (depending on your funding this cost may not be included in the Drive Me Program).  

For extra information, please contact Youth Options’ Operations Manager: Rick Henke on his email: 

Download the ‘Drive Me’ Flyer

Learn the Tools of Trades

Rule the Tools is a program to help participants learn about and familiarise themselves with common tools used in trade-base apprenticeships and traineeships, but also for Trade Assistant and Labouring Jobs. Activities can include group and individual work. Activities will include watching demonstrations on the safe and effective use of tools as well as using those tools themselves.

They will work on a small project that will put what they have learnt into practice. Participants will learn to apply instructions and techniques in the use of tools to undertake a task. They will learn trade specific terminology and language and use oral communication to describe their projects and tasks. Participants will learn to work in a team environment and share tools and resources, including clean-up and pack-up. Activities will include measuring distances and volumes. 

Speak to your jobactive, transiton to work or DES provider TODAY.

or Call Youth Options on 08 8388 6600

Download The Rule The Tools Flyer

Get Moving (non NDIS)

Get Moving – Mentoring Program (non NDIS)

Get Moving is a learning program for Young People to obtain their Learner’s permit for driving.  

Get Moving Includes activities to learn road rules, undertake practice tests and support to attend testing centre.  


The Goal is to get your L’s – (Learners Permit) 


 For fees and charges, please contact Youth Options on 08 8388 6600. 

Download the ‘Get Moving’ Flyer

Furniture, Homeware & Arts Training

FHAT Designs

“Furniture, Homeware & Arts Training”

  • Create quality products
  • Learn to start your own business
  • Meet with artists and guest speakers
  • Explore your career pathways

Why Join?

FHAT Designs provides you with the training to develop your own pathway into the furniture, homeware and arts industry. Youth Space is part of a suite of programs within Youth Options. and is a Department for Education Approved Panel Provider for Cases Management Services and Flexible Learning Programs.

What: Practical based learning program creating products and options for pathways. Accreditation per school

Where: Sturt Street Youth Hub, 40 Sturt Street, Adelaide

Essential Criteria:

  • Young People 18 to 25 years old
  • Pathway interests or skills in:
    • Furniture construction or renovation,
    • homewares,
    • art & design including: sculpture, drawing, printing, wood, metalwork acrylic, concrete, textile, paint.

Youth-E Tailored Learning Program (NDIS)

Youth Space offers a diverse range of projects and skill areas that are tailored to the individual needs of each participant. Each participant has an individually negotiated program with attendance usually 1 day per week. For participants requiring individual support to participate, both learning program and individual support categories are required. Participants must be between 14-17 years old.

Youth-E allows for a tailored service including Flexible Learning, Case Management and Mentoring.

Project Examples

  • Technology – 3D Printing and robotics
  • Art and Graphic Design
  • Woodworking and metalwork Projects
  • Bike Building, maintenance and repair


  • 1 day per week: $820 per school term. Group Based program.
  • Estimated Term rate (based on a 10 week term where participant attends one day per week for 4.5 hours): $2377.80
  • Additional cost for an NDIS Mentor based on NDIS Plan Funding

Delivery Location

40 Sturt Street, Adelaide.
The program operates Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm during school terms.

Support Category/Registration Group

Core – 0125 – Access to community, social and rec activities

Capacity Building – 0116 – Innovative Community Participation (in some circumstances)

Capacity Building – 0117 – Development of daily living and life skills

Contact Jo Stolz on 08 8388 6600 to discuss!

Download the YOUTH E Flyer

Download Referral Form (word document)

Youth Space & Flexible Learning Options

“Learning for Life!”

Re-engaging young people to meaningful pathways

Youth Space offers case management and flexible learning as a complete package for young people, aged 14-21 years who have disengaged from mainstream schooling.

The Youth Space program offers

  • Experiential Learning engagement through project participation
  • Accredited learning through South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Foundation Skills using BKSB for assessment and literacy and numeracy development
  • Career Development aligned to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD)
  • Outcome Star (an internationally validated assessment tool) to measure and monitor growth and progression

Case Management

Youth Space provides a trauma informed practice case management model, tailored to the individual’s strengths, skills and pathway needs. The program has a focus on essential core employability skills, including numeracy and literacy.

Case Management services are available in the school holidays however focus on operating Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5:00 pm during school terms. As part of their self-directed case plan, students can work toward a meaningful pathway through:

  • Engaging in vocational skills training
  • Achieving South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

Projects / Skills Development

Youth Space offers a diverse range of projects and skill areas that are tailored to the individual needs of each student. Each student has an individually negotiated program, but attendance is usually 1 to 4 days per week. The learning programs including workshop and computer areas operate Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm during school terms.

Project examples

  • Technology – 3D printing, robotics, building and flying drones, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Milling
  • Art and graphic design
  • Woodwork projects
  • Bike building, maintenance and repair
  • Metal Work and Welding

Youth Options is an Approved Panel of Providers member of the South Australian Governments Department for Education Flexible Learning Options (FLO) enrolment strategy for Case Management Services and Flexible Learning Programs.


Referral can be made via FLO, NDIS or Fee for Service arrangements.


Explore Self-Employment


BizAbility – Think Ability, Then Design Your Business

BizAbility assists people living with disability explore entrepreneurship as a pathway to achieving self-employment using human centred design (HCD) methodology. You will identify an idea for self-employment matched to your abilities and circumstances, test assumptions and create an action plan to achieve self-employment using the 5 core modules of Design Thinking: Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Throughout the program, you will have access to a mentor for individual support and assistance. You will also become part of a community where you can share your experience with others and hear from entrepreneurs with lived disability and business experience.

We see successful participants leave the program with a stronger purpose, awareness of opportunities and increased motivation to achieve self-employment.

Outcomes include:

  • Increased understanding of self-employment and skills needed
  • Raised confidence to start their self-employment journey

Available to NDIS Participants:

  • 17 to 65 years old
  • Want to explore self-employment/business
  • 12 months of learning & mentoring
  • Approx. 12 weeks (3 hours per week) exploring & learning
  • Approx. 40 weeks (3 hours per week) business mentoring
  • Approx. Cost is $10,920

Please contact the BizAbility Team:

Nate Overbeeke on 08 8388 6600

Support Category/Registration Group

Capacity Building:

– Increased Social and Community Participation – Innovative Community Participation

– Development of daily living and life skills (in some circumstances)


– Access to community, social and rec activities (in some circumstances)

Download the BizAbility Flyer