Cooking Skills


Explore your interest in cooking and eating great tasting food through our individualised cooking skills program. If you are wanting to learn how to cook better for you and your family at home, or interested to explore an employment pathway into hospitality in a simulated work setting, then this program is for you.

Learn from a cooking mentor experienced in hospitality who will create an individualised and fun cooking program with you based on the foods you like to eat and to explore new recipes and ingredients.

You’ll learn in a fun and small social group learning environment, how to:

  • Plan a weekly food menu;
  • Budget;
  • Set up a food storage system;
  • Be safe when cooking and storing food;
  • Bake, grill, fry, steam, and blanche foods and many more cooking techniques;
  • Read a nutrition information panel;
  • Use the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating;
  • Access emergency food relief if needed.

If you are interested in exploring your interest in food as a possible pathway into employment in hospitality, you’ll also learn about cooking workplace workflows, employer expectations and more.

Funded by:

  • CB Increased Social and Community Participation;
  • CB Finding and Keeping A Job;
  • School Leaver Employment Support (SLES);
  • Improved Daily Living 15_037_0117_1_3;
  • Core assistance with social, economic, and community participation.

Download the ‘Cooking Skills’ Flyer