A Name That Makes Sense
Youth Options – Young Lives Transformed

To better transform young lives, sometimes we need to transform ourselves.

For more than 30 years, Employment Options has empowered marginalised young people in South Australia to transform their lives and lead a life of purpose.

Our ability to belong and live with purpose is intrinsically linked to our capacity to learn, earn, and live.

Over the last few years, clients, stakeholders, partners, and community have consistently told us that our name ‘Employment Options’ does not convey the breadth of the services we provide and the outcomes and impacts we achieve for clients and community.

We consulted widely with both internal and external stakeholders to assist us in choosing a name that makes sense – Youth Options.

We have also chosen a tag line that reflects the impact we achieve – Young Lives Transformed.

You will still see our hashtags in social media: #EveryoneDeservesAWorkingFuture and #LearnEarnLive, including #ExpereintialLearning and #FlexibleLearningOptions.

Youth Options will continue to help young people aged 14 to 30 to build their capacity to set and achieve their goals for a thriving future. We do this by nurturing trusted partnerships to help each person:

  • overcome their barriers
  • realise their own potential
  • safely shift self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, and
  • access the tools and support they need to explore and shape the future they imagine.

We will continue to work with young people before they begin applying for jobs to engage them in their future.
Our Vision, Mission and Values remain unchanged, in fact we are even more resolute to support Young South Australians achieve:

  • Satisfaction with life,
  • Living Independently in a Connected World, and
  • Benefit from Sustained Employment

Over the next couple of months, you will notice subtle changes in our branding, messaging and marketing as we update our website, social media and marketing collateral to our new name of Youth Options.
With YOUR support, we can continue to make sure every young person in South Australia has a real pathway to an inspired and purposeful life.

“Together, we help people grow, feel good about themselves and hopeful for the future.”
– Michelle Braham, CEO, Youth Options