Pathfinder – Game Your Career

The Pathfinder Program is acknowledged by our partners and stakeholders as a valuable and impactful service for their job seekers or students because it develops motivation, raises aspirations, provides a structured format to explore career opportunities and develop an action plan.

School Testimonial:

“The Pathfinder Program has been very beneficial to students at Birdwood High School. The students enrolled in the course were the students who were typically a behavioural problem, disengaged with school and not intending to get their SACE. They were the students who wanted to leave school and get a job, or students that were struggling with their learning and self-confidence. When the students began the pathfinder program, they were uncertain about their strengths, abilities and possible future jobs and careers. They lacked a sense of direction and purpose. After the course the home group teachers noted a difference in their behaviour and attitude to school. Course counselling and subject selection is normally a challenging time for home group teachers. Their comments to me were that the students who engaged in the Pathfinder program were very easy to work with. They engaged in the time made available for choosing subjects and this was a relatively easy task for them compared to students who had not done the course. The students continue to work on preparing themselves for the world of work by completing their resumes, asking for teachers to be referees and being proactive in finding out about and seeking employment and training”. – Assistant Principal, Birdwood High School

Student Testimonial:

“I feel like the Pathfinder program was very beneficial for me. It helped me understand what kind of career pathway to take and it defiantly broadened my mind to what I am capable of. I used to have the negative mindset that I couldn’t achieve big, but the pathfinder program changed my perception on things. I am really happy I decided to do the program, I believe I learned more in those 6 weeks than I did during actual school lessons.” – Shaya, Mt Barker High School