Kym Hayward

With a diverse career spanning several industries, Kym’s accumulated invaluable experience and expertise. Beginning in the building industry with a focus on roof tiling, Kym ventured into entrepreneurship early on, establishing his first business. Transitioning into culinary arts, Kym honed his skills as a chef in prestigious establishments throughout the Barossa Valley, before rediscovering his passion for hands-on work in earthmoving. Managing his own earthmoving enterprise for many years, Kym later seized the opportunity to oversee commercial kitchens at Maggie Beer’s renowned establishments.

Returning to earthmoving to prioritise family commitments, Kym specialised in large-scale construction and civil projects until a workplace injury prompted a shift in direction. Pursuing further education, Kym obtained certifications in Community Service and Youth Work, completing my Cert IV in 2023. Motivated by a desire to bridge the gap between formal education and real-world readiness for young people, Kym found fulfilment in youth work, striving to equip them with essential life skills.