Job Interview Skills

We know that going to interviews can be a difficult and intimidating situation. But worry know more, because we are here to help improve your interview skills and feel confident about the situation.

We offer a 45 minute trial interview in a real-world environment. The interview isn’t real, but it comes with real feedback, identifying ways you can improve from a supportive and experienced interviewer. Sourced from real job ads, you get to choose from 7 ‘Sample Jobs’ you can to practice for.

1. Trades Assistant

2. Landscaper

3. Kitchen Hand

4. Admin Assistant

5. Retail Assistant

6. Sales Assistant

7. Food Production Worker

You will undertake a self-assessment to identify where you think you need the most help and practice. Lodge an expression of interest with us and we will contact you or your case manager/DES provider to book you in!

Call 8388 6600 or email to register your interest.

More confidence, more communication skills, more independence.