Get Moving – L’s (NDIS)


Get Moving is a learning program for NDIS Participants to obtain their Learner’s permit for driving. Get Moving includes activities to learn road rules, undertake tests and support to attend testing centre.

(The goal is to get your L’s – Learner’s permit)

  • You will work with your NDIS Mentor 3 hours per week for approx. 10 weeks
  • Your NDIS Mentor will provide Face2Face mentoring in a group environment to hep you get your L’s
  • This program can be funded under Core Supports or Capacity Building Supports, depending on your available funding

The total cost of this program (depending on your NDIS funding and group size) is approx. $2500.

We may be able to include the Services SA Cost to sit tests and your Learner’s permit.

Please Note:

You may be required to obtain a Treating Doctors Report (TDR) before applying for your Learner’s permit at Services SA.