Join your team of high school age young people and receive individualised support to build your skills and experience in social communication in a fun small social group. Grow your confidence and skills through group based activities in an indoor and outdoor no technology environment. Be empowered by a skilled, experienced, and university qualified mentor who will enable you to plan and play a variety of group based games of different difficulty levels designed to get you moving and thinking, whatever your ability.

Through the A-Team, you’ll be empowered to build your skills and experience in:

  • Communication within agreed group norms;
  • Active listening and sustained attention;
  • Following instructions and game rules with people who are similar and also different;
  • Playing non screen based games to broaden your experiences and relate to a wider range of people;
  • Supporting your team mates to experience a positive team culture.

Funded by:

  • CB Increased Social and Community Participation;
  • CB Finding and Keeping A Job;
  • School Leaver Employment Support (SLES);
  • Improved Daily Living 15_037_0117_1_3;
  • Core assistance with social, economic, and community participation.

Download the ‘A-Team’ Flyer