My BizAbility Story (Past Program)

I am looking forward to Day 10 tomorrow. I can’t believe how quickly the last 5 weeks have flown by and how much I have learnt. I am also grateful for the new friends I have met along the way. What can I say except that I admire and appreciate the work done by two of the best co-ordinators/mentors in the business, Nate Overbeeke & Peter Dempsey. Can’t put this up on the site without also thanking Sasha Dragovelic for his complete support. The BizAbility Program has been an awesome experience and I would strongly promote the program to anyone who wants to take the next step forward, even, if like me, they didn’t realise that they could do it or that they wanted to.

Good Luck to all my new friends and I hope that your future brings you whatever it is that you are looking for. Personally, I wasn’t looking for anything when I bumped into Nate Overbeeke at an EXPO back on October 17th [2019] where we chatted and he told me about the BizAbility Program and took my details. In the background were Peter Dempsey and Sasha Dragovelic and apart from a nod and smile I had nothing to do with them until the program started. Thank you, guys, for your dedication, inspiration and support. I won’t ever forget it. 😀🌟💜😍

– Julie, BizAbility Participant Nov – Dec 2019